We know that you and your customers want more environmentally and socially responsible products because it’s simply the right thing to do.

We also know that single-use products can be made from smarter materials, instead of plastic. That is why we make packaging and foodservice products from renewable materials that are just as strong and durable – and don’t cost more.



We have a proven track record with retails chains, small and large corporations and we are known for delivering value. Awarded 2014 Premium Supplier status with some of our biggest customers, we are growing fast.

We have a strong business legacy in innovative manufacturing, and we bring smarter conversion and distribution than any of our competitors. Our nationwide distribution network lets us deliver products anywhere – and short lead times don’t bother us at all. We are bringing state of the art manufacturing to Fort Wayne, IN in Q-3 2019 so we can deliver even faster.

Our Values

The word Kanak is a palindrome; it’s the same forwards and backwards. . . .
It goes full circle.

The word itself means many things. It can mean “gold” in Sanskrit. It’s also a type of wheat grain – a source of nutrition and life around the world. We see our founding families initials within the letters of Kanak.We knew that when we decided to bring our successful business legacy using innovative materials to the foodservice and packaging industry, that this simple word was just right, no matter how you read it. Our products, our company, and our spirit all revolve around the idea that life is a circle, after all.

We know that anything we make has a good beginning-of-life story and a good end-of-life story – and it is affordable for anyone.
Kanak Naturals was born from the idea that more sustainable materials can be used in everyday products for everyone.We see life, health, strength and our own unique heritage in this short, simple word. We hope you find your own meaning in Kanak, because we all know that the path to a better, more responsible life starts from within.


Our products are excellent alternatives to traditional paper-based products. But we also know that forests are still under threat around the world.

That is why our partner, American Forests, has committed to plant 1 tree for every pallet of Sugarcane or Bamboo plates that we sell. Best of all, all our customers can use the American Forests logo on their private label package for free. It’s a great way to know that these products are backed by one of the oldest conservation organizations in the country,

Forest Stewardship Council Certification.
All our corrugate packaging and boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.