Our paper straws come in an assortment of colours and patterns which are also very affordable and planet friendly. Our paper straws are a great alternative to plastic straws, both in terms of performance and value. We offer invidually wrapped straws and bulk packaging options. Our straws are manufactured using food grade long fiber paper …

Tomato Product Tray
10×4 Produce Tray
9×7 Produce Tray
9×5 Produce Tray
8×5 Produce Tray
8×4 Produce Tray
6×6 Produce Tray
4×4 Produce Tray
12.5″ Natural Platter
10″ Natural Platter
12.5″ Natural Platter
10″ Natural Platter
9.5″ Octi-Square Plate
10″ Natural Plate
9″ Natural Plate
7″ Natural Plate
6″ Natural Plate