Valentine’s Day Gift Giving
An eco-friendly gift-giving guide. Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, lovers. <3  Before you rush out to buy the special people in your life gifts, take a moment to consider how these gifts may affect Mama Earth. Lots of the things we buy for holidays end up in the trash, that’s why we’ve compiled three eco-friendly gift
Roaring 20’s World Faire
Kanak Naturals is donating compostable dinnerware for this event which is being hosted by the Save Maumee Grassroots Organization. Save Maumee is a non-profit organization in our hometown of Fort Wayne that works hard to remove invasive trees, and plant native trees, along the Maumee river. The fundraiser is being held at the Freemason’s Hall,
How Details Help Restaurants Grow
Impactful Products | Designs That Make Lasting Impressions  It is estimated that 72 percent of people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business card – and it makes sense. What you put out into the world reflects on your business. If the cards look too cheap, 39 percent of people
Eco-Friendly and Your ROI
Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products get a reputation for being expensive. Because of this, many companies find that the cost of responsibly sourced material gets pushed aside in favor of more economically efficient, yet less environmentally sustainable, dinnerware.  The upfront cost of eco-friendly dinnerware may be more expensive than harmful products such as Styrofoam. However,
2020 GOALS!
As the new decade is approaching we are starting to think about ways in which we can be the best versions of ourselves in the coming new year. While these goals cause us to pause and reflect, both personally and professionally, it’s also an exciting time to start looking ahead.  In the latest national survey