How Details Help Restaurants Grow

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 It is estimated that 72 percent of people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business card – and it makes sense. What you put out into the world reflects on your business. If the cards look too cheap, 39 percent of people reported that was a major detractor from doing business with the company in question. 

So how does this translate to companies that don’t rely on the exchange of business cards? 

The food industry is a different kind of business in that it deals with curating experiences for optimal overall success, not in the exchange of corporate niceties like business cards. 

This means that details are imperative for a restaurant’s overarching success. The quality of food must be supreme, staff must be competent, and the décor must be carefully curated for a restaurant to survive. Beyond those factors, what else can a restaurant do to ensure optimal growth? 

Branding and packaging.

Styrofoam has long been touted as a major contributor of primary marine debris, and more recently discovered to contain human carcinogens that leak into food – this is especially true when combined with liquid and heat. And yet, many restaurants still rely on Styrofoam food containers due to their cheap cost and easy accessibility. Yet it leaves a sour taste, metaphorically, in patrons overall experience when interacting with your brand. 

Environmentalists have been advocating for the ban of Styrofoam for decades, yet they have remained by and largely an unheard demographic. Yet, as more millennials are tuning on to environmentalist causes and making up a larger fraction of primary consumers, the number of individuals who self-identify as environmentalists have rapidly, and steadily, been increasing. All of this means that the demands for alternatives to traditional packaging, and sustainable options, have been on the rise. 

Major companies have made the switch to eco-friendly products with success, and as Styrofoam and plastic bans begin to sprout up, many companies won’t have the luxury of making that decisions. 

An Advantage

Our products are not only made from rapidly-renewable and sustainable molded fibers, they’re also manufactured with the ability to further your branding. Each of our products have the ability to be customized to replace your specific designs, or create new designs per your brands specifications. Also, our products have the ability to prominently display your company’s logo on eco-friendly, compostable food containers. 

Contact us for more information about how we can help your restaurant create better branding through environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced products.