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Sustainables™ compostable dinnerware offers a diverse range of premium natural molded fiber packaging designed to enhance your cuisine’s presentation as well as your customer experience.

Kanak Naturals has revolutionized the demand for single-use packaging. Sustainables™ have uncompromising quality and are sourced from natural renewable materials like sugarcane and bamboo.

Knowing our products are certified with all the strength and durability of the national brand equivalents, you can confidently contribute to a cleaner future one take-out at a time.

You broke the mold when you came up with your signature menu items- don’t you want your uniquely branded packaging to do the same?

Compostable Cups


Kustom Design Process

Looking for something completely unique? Our in-house design team feeds off new challenges. We offer full customization because we’re committed to finding the perfect solution for your business.

When developing a new product, we’re spending time learning how your food is prepared, packaged, and staged. We become experts on how your ingredients react to various packaging options.

We examine your business’ unique needs and test thoroughly to ensure our products exceed performance expectations every time.

We dive deep into testing and research!

We conduct temperature tests at every step of your meal’s journey to ensure your Kustom packaging is designed to sustain any amount of heat, grease, or juice. We order a range of meals for delivery to test how the cuisine holds up in transit. These are just a few of the rigorous tests we perform!

Cold fries? Soggy tacos? Not on our watch!

We understand that our product performance reflects on your image.

Your cuisine is your brand’s reputation. That’s why it is our mission to develop packaging that protects the quality of both your meal and your brand, all with the user experience in mind.

We are proud to offer Sustainables™ packaging in custom shapes, sizes, materials, colors, linings, logo printing, logo embossing, and more! Contact us today!

“To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing.”

-Raymond Williams Academic, Writer

Musing over private label containers?

What we care about most is enhancing your brand while giving your customers a better experience.

Contact us today to inquire about our Certified National Brand Equivalent dinnerware for your private label.

Premium Sustainable Private Labels


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