Compostable lids to top any of your environmental foodservice products. Made from clear PLA plastic or our heat tolerant crystallized PLA, they are all made from renewable materials, not traditional plastics. Best of all, each lid is made to fit perfectly every time. Quality and affordability done right.
  • Made from renewable sugarcane, bamboo, or PLA "corn" plastic
  • Stronger & more versatile than traditional products
  • Tree-free
  • Grease & cut resistant
  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • Certified by American Forests
  • Meets BRC Global Standards for manufacturing
  • Social compliance certified
  • Excellent alternative to traditional paper plates
Small Hot Cup Lid
  • Small Hot Cup Lid
Classic Hot Cup Lid
  • Classic Hot Cup Lid
Soup Container Lid
  • Soup Container Lid
Cold Cup Flat Lid
  • Cold Cup Flat Lid
Cold Cup Dome Lid
  • Cold Cup Dome Lid


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