Renewable. Compostable. Affordable.

k ə ' n æ k

It's a palindrome; it's the same forwards and backwards.

It goes full circle. Our products, our company,

and our spirit all revolve around this idea.

Waste NOT!

the smallest parts
of our lives.

it’s about the
little things.



No one wants to see fresh-picked, healthy food in cheap plastic containers. If you want to showcase your amazing produce in the best way possible, you need the most durable, environmentally friendly produce packaging and trays out there. Need a custom size or shape? No problem! Fully compostable, customizable, and made from plants, there is no better way to make your display’s count.


Now is the time to get better, environmentally friendly products on your shelves and in your private label programs. Better products, better packing mean better margins for you. Now, you can use our environmental certifications right on packaging for free to help reach discerning customers. We love to work with our retailers, let us know what products you want to see, and chances are, we can make and deliver it.


We know that your customers are demanding better, more environmentally responsible products – that’s what we do best. Whether its plates, clamshells, bowls, cups or cutlery, we offer a full portfolio of products to fit everyone’s needs – and everyone’s budget.