• Miesha Kupcake Tate
    MMA Fighter
    Former UFC Women's World Champion
    Celebrity Big Brother Winner 2022
    Kanak Naturals brand Ambassador

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Our products are
Ovenable up to 500° F,
Microwaveable, Boiling Water Resistant.
Heavy Duty Water Resistant

Can absorb small amounts of grease while baking and are oven safe up to 500 degrees

The secure, recyclable lids are great for transporting your cakes, brownies or other treats with no mess. For easy cleanup, just toss the pans then rinse and recycle the lids when done.


"The value we place on a stable, natural world will determine our future. Do we invest money in practices that take us deeper into this crisis, or in solutions that will get us out of it?"

–David Attenborough Natural Historian, Economist

Kustom Packaging

We Think:

We Kolor Outside the Lines:

We believe "Plate Matters". So we immerse ourselves in new projects, keeping an eye on the current packaging trends and also trendspotting what’s on the horizon. We are always open to new ideas and concepts and recognize they can come from anyone, anywhere. We deep dive under-standing our customer's needs, working hand-in-hand with them to develop creative and innovative designs that will delight our customers. We help create iconic packaging. Packaging that sets our customers apart.

Chicken is Chicken, Black Beans and Rice are Black Beans and rice, our custom packaging will make it stand apart.

Our Superpower: Kreativity. We bring the most complex designs to life in an cost effective manner.

Our Best Kept Secret: We have an Award Winning Sister Company www.kanakscapes.com. A Premier Supplier to Steelcase Inc. from 2014-2022. A legacy of excellence. We can do your Cabinets, Tables and Furniture manufactured right here in Fort Wayne in one of our facilities.

Our Attitude: Nothing is impossible. If it is easy, it isn't worth it.

Robots are not coming, THEY'RE HERE

Accelerated use of Robots and other means of automation is one of the most provocative trends we are witnessing in the restaurant industry for 2022 and for years beyond. We have designed dinnerware with easy de-nesting and handling features which are being used by robots in food packaging.

How we think separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. We can't fly, we are not particularly strong or fast, we cannot breathe underwater. As far as most physical functions are concerned the Human race is just average. It is the power of our thinking and our brain that separates us from the rest making Humans the dominant species on Earth.

Kanak Catalog

Plastic Bags

You see the difference, but not all animals do! Plastic bags can be confused with jellyfish by sea turtles and many larger predatory fishes.

Run for profit and waste have been the primary drivers for climate change. We can no longer exploit earth's treasures cheaply.

Doing a little something is better than doing a lot of nothing.
We acknowledge the collective ownership between humans, naturals resources and animals in this small planet of ours.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused and will continue to cause immense suffering. If there is hope that can came out of it, then that may arise from the whole world having experienced a shared threat and found a sense that we are all in it together.

- David Attenborough

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