Kanak Naturals was born from the idea that sustainable materials can be used in our everyday products – and these products should be available to those striving to improve the world. Our goal is to make sustainability accessible to everyone.


Our products are excellent alternatives to traditional paper-based products. But we also know that forests are still under threat around the world. That is why our partner, American Forests, Has committed to plant 1 tree for every pallet of Sugarcane or Bamboo product that we sell. Best of all, all our customers can use the American Forests logo on their private label package for free. It’s a great way to know that these products are backed by one of the oldest conservation organizations in the country. All of our corrugated packaging and boxes are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.



We have a proven track record with Large National Accounts, Retail chains , Family Owned, and Fortune 500 Companies. We deliver on time and our quality is exceptional. We have been awarded Premier Supplier status by a Fortune 500 Corporation, a status we have maintained every year from 2014-2019. Our strong business legacy in innovative manufacturing has helped our growth , as we focus on smarter conversion and distribution than any of our competitors. Our nationwide distribution network lets us deliver products anywhere and short lead times is almost a norm with most of our customers. We are bringing state of the are manufacturing to Fort Wayne, IN. which will bring additional value to our loyal customer: