2020 GOALS!

As the new decade is approaching we are starting to think about ways in which we can be the best versions of ourselves in the coming new year. While these goals cause us to pause and reflect, both personally and professionally, it’s also an exciting time to start looking ahead. 

In the latest national survey from Yale University’s annual Climate Opinion Map 2019, a higher percentage of Americans than ever before expressed concern over environmental protection policies and the state of our current environmental climate. The survey also illustrated that 70% of Americans believe that environmental protection is more important than economic growth. That statistic is particularly interesting as the American Dream has been, for decades, so imbedded with growing economically. Yet, reflecting changing priorities, the survey clearly outlines the growing anxiety people have about potential risks of an eroding environment. 

Now more than ever we are seeing younger generations participate in No-Waste Challenges, begin to compost, volunteer for various environmental events, and generally share awareness about small ways we can each personally reduce our carbon footprint and waste less.

While we appreciate those, we at Kanak are aware that changes must be made on a wider scale, also. Which is why we’re proud to say that our mission has been, and continues to be, alternative eco-friendly products across multiple industries for dinnerware. From paper straws to compostable clam-shells, we’ve manufactured it. 

But what next in 2020? We’re bringing some of these changes home on a more personal level. We are on a mission to stay more informed on trends that positively impact our environment. We’re committed to sharing that information. And, as always, we’ll be committed to producing high-quality products at competitive pricing. 

Here is to a prosperous, green, clean new decade

The Kanak Natural’s family