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Know Us

Kanak Naturals has the experience, network, and resources of the largest brands in the industry, but with the culture and hunger of a startup. Our mission is to develop sustainable food and beverage packaging, designed to protect both the quality of your meal and your brand’s reputation.

At Kanak Naturals, we’ll never tell you, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles,” or “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Instead, we will find the right container to prevent your cookies from crumbling and milk from spilling.

Our company has a proven track-record for working with some of the largest restaurant and grocery store chains nationwide.

We know that you and your customers are hungry for a sustainable solution that has performance and value. We are proud to help businesses and their patrons experience a more sustainable and hygienic dining experience with Sustainables™ single-use compostable packaging.

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Our Kore Values

Collaborative Partnership: Teamwork makes the dream work! We work together to satisfy your hunger for new packaging solutions.

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“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”

– Miguel de Cervantes author

We work differently…..

    We dive so deep to ensure you get a quality product that we step into your shoes. We study how the packaging works in your operation and how it is experienced by both your staff and your customers. We invest ourselves to see how the food travels from Point A to Point B. Does it hold its temperature? Does anything spill or leak? When we get it home, we do rigorous temperature testing to make sure our products perform from freezer to fridge to microwave and back again.

The proof is in the pudding with our products that are sustainable, durable and affordable so you can enjoy without an ounce of eco-guilt.

We offer classic stock products such as our Sustainables™ assorted sizes of plates, bowls and Klamshells in White or Natural color options.

Musing over private label takeout containers? We offer full customization because we understand how important unique branding is to your company.

What we care about most is helping you enhance your brand while giving your customers a better experience.

You can have your cake, in our compostable takeout box, and eat it too.

Being gentler to the planet has never been so easy.

Kanak Naturals

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