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Kore Mission:

Kontrolling Kost

Kanak Naturals is a Family Owned, Privately held and Debt Free company. Sustainability and the Environment is not a Kuarterly Issue for us, it is a Kuarter Century Issue that we can all address together.

With the environmental pledges made by countries and corporations added together, we would need 3.95 Billion Acres or 1.6 Billion Hectares of land to plant trees. USA has 2.43 Billion Acres, so an area about 1.5 times the size of our country. Seriously?

This is clearly a near-impossible task, and we believe lessening levels of consumption through innovative business ideas may be more effective.

Since trees are vital to our ecosystem, and they shouldn’t be made into single-use products. Renewable materials like Bamboo & Sugarcane are some of the strongest fibers out there. They make great dinnerware that hold up to just about anything you could throw at them. Best of all, these materials grow rapidly and are about as far from plastic and foam as you can get. Perfect!

That is how we started. We upscale sugarcane, source rapidly renewable bamboo and use nothing but plants to make our products. Our state-of-the art manufacturing facility efficiently and intelligently crafts our fiber products into works of art.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

– Tony Robbins