We make everything from renewable materials, including our cutlery. This makes it easy to go green or zero waste - just compost your cutlery right along with everything else! Made entirely from crystallized PLA for strength and heat tolerance and certified compostable.
  • Made from renewable sugarcane, bamboo, or PLA "corn" plastic
  • Stronger & more versatile than traditional products
  • Tree-free
  • Grease & cut resistant
  • 100% Chlorine Free
  • Certified by American Forests
  • Meets BRC Global Standards for manufacturing
  • Social compliance certified
  • Excellent alternative to traditional paper plates
Compostable Knife
  • Compostable Knife
Compostable Fork
  • Compostable Fork
Compostable Spoon
  • Compostable Spoon
Large Compostable Knife
  • Large Compostable Knife
Large Compostable Fork
  • Large Compostable Fork
Large Compostable Spoon
  • Large Compostable Spoon


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