Valentine’s Day Gift Giving

An eco-friendly gift-giving guide.

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, lovers. <3 

Before you rush out to buy the special people in your life gifts, take a moment to consider how these gifts may affect Mama Earth. Lots of the things we buy for holidays end up in the trash, that’s why we’ve compiled three eco-friendly gift ideas specifically for Valentine’s Day. 

Invest in Experiences

This is a wonderful way to celebrate your local community while reducing your footprint. If you’re aware of a show or concert, take your loved one out for a night on the town. For families, this can be a bit more difficult if you have children, so museums are always a fun adventure that reduces the amount of packaging waste. 

Upcycled Cards 

Chances are there is a lot of paper waste in your home: old newspapers, cardboard medicine boxes, etc. Use these items as an opportunity to creatively express your love in a fashion that doesn’t contribute to more paper waste. Anyone can go out to the grocery store and buy a generic card (that usually ends up right in the trash), but not everyone is going to invest time making their own card. It’s wonderfully thoughtful and reduces paper waste.

Valentine’s Day Video Messages 

If you don’t have the time nor creative skills to upcycle and DIY your own greeting card, then a video message may be a sweet alternative. It doesn’t get more genuine and personalized than this. If you’re at a loss for what to say in your Valentine’s Day video message, then just recite one of the many classic love poems. 

From the Kanak Naturals family to yours have a wonderful, love-filled holiday full of snuggles, kisses and, most importantly, chocolate (we hope with eco-friendly packaging.)